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MB300 Window Clip Mount for Dish VuQube Tailgater Antenna

MB300 Window Clip Mount for Dish VuQube Tailgater Antenna

  • Installs in a minute
  • No Drilling, No Permanent Glueing
  • Allows you to hang your tailgater antenna from your window!
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-mount.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-mount.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-1.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-2.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-3.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-4.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-5.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-6.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-7.jpg
MB300 image - vuqube-mb300-window-clip-instructions-8.jpg


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The MB300 is a mount designed specifically for the Dish Tailgater antenna. Simply stick the MB300 to the side of your Tailgater, then hang your tailgater off your driver's side, or passenger's side window -- just like a food tray at a fast food restaurant!

Installs on the tailgater in seconds, doesn't require any tools, and is the easiest way to setup your tailgater.

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  • Requires the MB300 Tailgater Clip Mount
  • Using adhsive, this mount sticks to the side of your cab allowing another place to mount your Tailgater
  • Quickly clips on vehicle window
  • Compatible with Winegard Carryout G2 and Pathway X1 antennas
  • Includes 2 Exterior Mounting Brackets
  • Permanently mounts to truck
  • Adjustable for non-vertical cab surfaces
  • Built tough and tested to withstand harsh trucking environment
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Last Modified: 09/13/2016