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Magnet Mount Cell Phone Antenna (SMA Male) for WeBoost Amplifiers 311125

Magnet Mount Cell Phone Antenna (SMA Male) for WeBoost Amplifiers 311125

Part# 311125
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Magnet Mount Antenna, 50 Ohm. 12.25 inch Vehicle Antenna For Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters with 12.5 ft of RG-174 Cable and SMA-Male Connector. 311125 Mobile Omni-Antenna Receives Signals From All Directions.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Frequency & Gain
700-800 MHz 1.9 dB, 824-894 MHz 5.1 dB, 880-960 MHz 3.1 dB, 1710-1880 MHz -4.0 dB, 1850-1990 MHz 6.1 dB, 2110-2170 MHz 2.3 dB
50 Ohm
Signal Pattern
SMA Male
Coax Cable
RG-174 - 12.5 ft /3.05 meters
12.25 inches / 31.12 cm
Rare Earth Magnet
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  • Works for multiple devices for multiple users
  • Works with all carriers in North America
  • Complete kit: booster, AC power cord & antennas with 60 ft cable
  • Two year warranty - with registration
  • FCC and IC Type Certified
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Last Modified: 08/26/2017