• Jeep Wrangler 2007+ JK Spare Tire Antenna Mount
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Jeep Wrangler 2007+ JK Spare Tire Antenna Mount

  • Fits JK model Jeep Wranglers (2007-)
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Includes mounting hardware & Instructions


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Walcott Radio PCA30 Overview

This bracket provides a simple way to mount a CB antenna to a Jeep 2007 Wrangler spare tire rack. The bracket installs using existing bolts behind the spare tire rack. No drilling required. Fits JK model Jeep Wranglers (2007+).

Installation Instructions
1. Remove the spare tire from the vehicle
2. Remove the two bolts in the upper right portion of the spare tire mount using a 13mm wrench
3. Save the removed bolts and washers to reinstall if you remove the jeep antenna mount. THESE BOLTS CANNOT BE USED FOR THE JEEP ANTENNA MOUNT.

4. Mount the jeep antenna mount to spare tire holder using the supplied bolts and washers. The black plastic step washers supplied with the mount are to be installed between the antenna mount and the spare tire mount. The thin washer should be on the left and the thick washer should be on the right.
5. The mount is adjustable. Make sure it is level and the antenna is straight before tightening the bolts completely.

Cable (sold separately - see Suggested Options)
6. The coaxial cable should be run through the oval rubber grommet on the right side of the rear door below the spare tire mount. Remove the grommet. Drill or cut a hole in the grommet for the cable to feed through.
7. Inside of the rear door is a plastic panel. Remove the panel. Feed the cable through the outside rubber grommet. Pull the cable through from the inside using a pair of needle nose pliers.
8. Pull the cable to the left along the door strap. Replace the plastic panel.
9. Run the cable along the door strap to the plastic channel which runs from the rear door to the passenger door. Tuck the cable in the plastic channel.
10. Tuck the cable into and down the vertical trim along the passenger door. next, tuck the cable under the door threshold to the front of the vehicle.
11. Route the coaxial cable under the dash to your cb radio. If you have excess cable do not coil it. Connect to the CB radio.
12. Mount spare tire back on Jeep.

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