• Hustler HQ27 Stainless Steel CB Antenna

Hustler HQ27 Stainless Steel CB Antenna

  • Tapered Stainless Steel CB Antenna
  • 56" Tall, (slightly more than 4.5 feet tall)
  • 250 Watt Rating


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Hustler HQ27 Overview

The Hustler HQ27 remains one of the most popular CB antennas on the market. Stainless steel construction, center load whip.

Hustler HQ27 Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Standard 3/8 x 24 Thread
  • 56 in Tall (4.6 feet)
  • Wattage Rating250 Watts

Hustler HQ27 Reviews

chris g.
Submitted 9 years ago.
This is a GREAT antenna! I purchased the HQ-27 as a replacement for my original HQ-27 which served me for 14+years trouble free-untill it fell into the hands of an angry vandal. I suggest an antenna spring for the base. I've installed the Firestik Heavy duty spring on the base to thwart the vandals again.
Tuning this antenna is pretty simple, by adjusting the tip height I was able to get my SWR on channels 1 and 40 down to 1.1:1 and 1.00:1 on channel 19. VERY happy with these antennas shipping from these guys-AWESOME!!!! Thank you Walcot CB!!
Brian H.
Submitted 12 years ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
Excellent bandwidth on all CB channels.No greater than 1.6 on band edges,mounted on Workman mount on toolbox behind the cab of my pickup
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