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HT handy talkie radios from Uniden, Cobra and Midland. Extend your handheld range with a telescopic antenna, or add a speaker microphone for ease of use.

Helpful for communicating while walking around, portable and operable without a vehicle or base station

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Handheld CB radio range

you can expect a range up to 1-2 miles. adding a telescoping antenna can be helpful and increase the range These are useful for instant communications between crews working in the same general area such as event production, taxis, security and more. Having a handheld CB for emergencies is not a bad idea when going hiking in nature.

How long do handheld batteries last?

Battery time Entirely dependent on your transmitting time, you should expect to get roughly 10-20 hours standby time, and up to 5 hours talk time off of 9AA batteries. We suggest shopping for NIMH rechargeable batteries.

What are the differences in handhelds?

Quality of life features such as being able to receive NOAA weather channels, large easy to see illuminated displays, dual watch - which allows you to monitor multiple channels at the same time, and channel scan features are what will differentiate the higher end handheld cb radios for sale at Walcott from more standard units

What if I want to improve my range?

Handheld cb radios with mic has two factors:

  1. the size of the antenna
  2. terrain
There's not a lot to be done about terrain The easiest way to improve your range is to get a taller antenna. The stock antenna on most handhelds is around 8 inches. If you swap out this antenna for a 27" telescopic antenna your range on average would double. Alternatively, if you add a vehicle antenna to your handheld like the President new york magnetic antenna or if you want better performance but don't want a giant antenna on your vehicle, consider the 8" tall magnetic antenna as shown here

Power limits for CB Radio

CB Radios are all limited to transmission at 4 Watts, That’s the standard for most CB and what you will find in the handheld category. The difference between different models and brands comes in reliability, Battery capacity, antenna type, external antenna capabilities and various other features such as weather updates, 9/19 buttons, backlighting, dual watch and channel scan. Different models have different button overlay, so you might find some easier to operate than others.

External Antennas - Versatile Handheld

Some handheld CB Radios can also be mounted in a vehicle and connected to a larger external antenna. This allows greater range and usage while driving. These handhelds usually come with a BNC connector for your vehicle’s antenna

How do I power my handheld CB Radio

All handheld radios are mainly operated with batteries, usually “AA” Some models, usually those with external antenna connectors also have a DC in connection that can be charged through your vehicle you have a few options, depending on your electric knowledge and willingness to try, we’ll go from the simplest to the more advanced solutions -

  • Cigarette port adapters
  • Wire to fuse box
  • Wire to battery

Cigarette port adapters

Power your radio through the Cigarette outlet with a cheap adapter that connects to any 3-pin standard CB radio power cable. If you CB radio doesn’t have a 3-pin power cord, consider getting an adapter that supports bare wire connections or move on to the next solution.


The Fusebox of a vehicle is basically a power outlet hub. See if you can wire it to the fusebox. If you don’t have space in your fusebox for it. You can get a fuse tapper, which essentially is an electric outlet splitter, only for your vehicle. Disconnect one of your components, connect your fuse tapper, reconnect whatever you just disconnected and add the CB radio power connector to the newly added slot.

Go straight to the source

Wire your CB Radio directly to your vehicle’s battery. The hot wire should be connected to the battery’s hot terminal, The ground wire should go to either the battery’s ground terminal for best results, or to any metallic component, usually the chassis, which is properly grounded Powering your CB Radio through the battery’s hot and ground terminals provides the best results in terms of reception and interference.

CB Radio features


Short for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration broadcasts nation-wide through many local stations. These broadcasts include Current weather and forecasts, hazard, alerts and general information 24/7.


Allowing you to connect your CB Radio to external speakers. It can be used for your high-volume loving self, or to be used as communication with the drivers in your surroundings. Either way, it’s loud.


Controls the sensitivity of the receiver, useful for filtering out weaker signals creating noise. Making stronger signals clearer


eliminates static noises you hear between actual broadcasts. It’s like a rug you can sweep all that noise under.


ANL stands for Automatic Noise Limiter, it blocks unwanted noise from interfering signals or any other source that is not a proper CB transmitter, further improving the audio quality of incoming transmissions

Auto 9/19

fast access to the popular 9 and 19 channels. 9 is the emergency channel, while 19 is the trucker channel. It’s also worth noting that in some areas 19 is for truckers on north- and southbound routes while 17 is for those on east- and westbound routes.

Backlit Controls

You can control everything just fine, but wouldn't it also be great if you could see all those knobs and controls at night? Well that's a feature, a pretty comfortable one at that.

Dual Watch

Listen to two different channels at the same time, so you don’t miss any important information

Quick Channel Scan

The 40 channel handheld CB scans and finds all cannels without the need for manual configuration

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President Jerry FCC Handheld CB Radio with 12V Vehicle Adapter

Model: President JERRY FCC

Key Features
  • AM / FM modes
  • Use as a handheld or in a vehicle
  • NOAA Weather Scan & Alert
was $179.95
Save $15.95 (9%)
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RANDY II FCC FM Handheld CB Radio - Walkie Talkie Style with FM Mode

Model: President RANDY II FM

Key Features
  • FM Mode
  • Updated! Scan: new Skip/Scan feature
  • Battery : Lithium-Ion
  • Frequencies display
  • Weather channel with Alert
  • Dual watch
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Cobra 75 All Road CB Radio with Bluetooth connectivity and FM Band - CCBR75AR01


Key Features
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Weather and Dust Proof - IP66 Rating
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
President ACMR401 Tactical CB Antenna for Randy Handheld Radios

Model: President ACMR401

Key Features
  • Folds in half to save space
  • Improved performance over stock antenna
  • Compatible with all President Randy handhelds
  • Does NOT receive NOAA weather stations
was $498.95
Save $44.00 (9%)
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2 Radio Package - President George FCC Mobile + President Randy II Handheld CB Radios | Includes Performance Boost

Model: Package Bundle GEORGE-RANDY

Key Features
  • Mobile + Handheld CB Bundle
  • FM Mode
  • CTCSS Tones & DCS
  • Vox (Hands-free voice activation)
was $149.99
Save $57.00 (38%)
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Midland 75-822 Handheld CB Radio - 2 in 1 Walkie Talkie with Mobile Vehicle Adapter

Model: Midland 75822

Key Features
  • 4-Watt Output Power - Delivers maximum communication range
  • Large, Backlit LCD screen - Multifunction display that is easy to see day or night
  • Channel Scan - Automatically checks channels for activity
  • NOAA Weather Radio - Instant access to weather/hazard information 24/7
  • Instant Channel 9/19 - Immediate access to emergency 9 and road channel 19
  • Optional - Magnetic Antenna mount to convert to mobile CB (Sold Separately - shop for antennas)
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FM CB Radio Package - Including President Harrison FCC mobile radio, Randy II FM handheld radio, and upgraded microphones.

Model: Walcott Radio HARRISON-RANDY

Key Features
  • Special Bundle Price
  • Includes Two CB Radios - 1 mobile, 1 handheld
  • Upgraded Microphones
  • FM Mode
  • CTCSS / DCS Capable
was $134.95
Save $35.00 (26%)
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Cobra HHRT50 Road Trip Handheld Walkie Talkie Style CB Radio and Magnetic Antenna

Model: Cobra HHRT50

Key Features
  • Includes Magnetic Antenna and Coax to Install on a Vehicle
  • Receives NOAA Weather Alerts and Broadcasts
  • 4-Watt output power
  • External magnet mount antenna
  • Additional batteries come in battery packages sold separately
was $109.95
Save $30.00 (27%)
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Cobra HH50WXST Handheld Walkie Talkie CB Radio

Model: Cobra HH50WXST

Key Features
  • Receives NOAA Weather Stations
  • Illuminated Display
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President Randy Desktop Charging Dock

Model: President ACMR403

was $44.95
Save $10.00 (22%)
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President Electronics ACMR407 Lapel Speaker Microphone for President Randy

Model: President ACMR407

Key Features
  • This Product is for President Handheld CB Radios - Randy
  • Lapel Mic Clips To Shirt - click to talk
  • Includes Speaker and Microphone
was $11.95
Save $2.95 (25%)
was $29.95
Save $7.00 (23%)
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President Randy Replacement Rubber Duck Antenna ACMS301

Model: President ACMS301

was $33.99
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President Randy Lithium Ion Battery Pack ACMR402

Model: President ACMR402

was $29.95
Save $10.00 (33%)
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President Electronics ACUS403 Replacement Randy Power Adapter

Model: President ACUS403

Key Features
  • This Product is for President Handheld CB Radios - Randy
  • Replacement bottom attachment for DC power adapter
was $39.95
Save $10.00 (25%)
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
President Electronics ACMR416 Replacement Randy Power Adapter and Lighter Plug Combo

Model: President ACMR416

Key Features
  • This Product is for President Handheld CB Radios - Randy
  • Replacement bottom attachment for DC power adapter including DC lighter plug power cord
was $29.99
Save $7.04 (23%)
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
President Randy AC Power Cord ACMR404

Model: President ACMR404

was $11.95
Save $3.00 (25%)
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President Randy Replacement Belt Clip ACMR409

Model: President ACMR409

was $22.95
Save $6.00 (26%)
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President Randy Lighter Outlet DC Power Cord ACUS406

Model: President ACUS406

was $44.95
Save $10.00 (22%)
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Cobra PMRSM Cobra Label Speaker/Mic for Handheld CB Radios

Model: Cobra PMRSM

Key Features
  • This Product is for Cobra Handheld CB's - HH50RT50, HH50WXST & Earlier Models
  • Lapel Speaker/Mic Clips To Shirt - click to talk
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Uniden PRO538HHFM Handheld CB Radio with FM - 2 in 1 Walkie Talkie with Vehicle Adapter Kit

Model: Uniden PRO538HHFM

Key Features
  • NOAA Weather Reception and Alerts
  • AM and FM modes
  • Use as a handheld or in your vehicle
  • High / Low Power
  • Large easy to see display
was $129.99
Save $20.00 (15%)
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Uniden Pro501HH Handheld 40 Channel CB Radio with Weather and Scan

Model: Uniden PRO501HH

Key Features
  • Weather Stations
  • Scan Function
  • Dual Watch 9/19
was $29.95
Save $7.00 (23%)
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Telescopic antenna extends to 27" for extended range. Fits all Cobra handheld CB radios.

Model: Cobra HATA

Key Features
  • NOTE: there is going to be some play or wobble when installed - this is a built-in safety feature to prevent breakage
  • This does not work with the President Randy Radio
  • 27" Long telescopic antenna
  • BNC connection - universal for handheld CB radios
  • Works with any brand (Midland, Cobra, Cherokee, Northpoint etc)
  • Significantly improves your handheld CB's performance
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NIMHPACK9 NiMH AA Battery 9 Pack for Cobra Handheld

Model: Walcott Radio NIMHPACK9

Key Features
  • 9 Pack Ultra High Capacity NiMH Batteries
  • 2600 mAh
  • 1.2V AA
  • Ideal for Cobra Handhelds
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
NIMHPACK8 NiMH AA Battery 8 Pack for Midland Handheld

Model: Walcott Radio NIMHPACK8

Key Features
  • 8 Pack Ultra High Capacity NiMH Batteries
  • 2600 mAh
  • 1.2V AA
  • Ideal for Midland Handhelds
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
402610 - UHF Female (PL259) to BNC Adapter compatible with most Cobra, Midland, Cherokee and Northpoint Handheld CB

Model: Walcott Radio 402610

Key Features
  • Adapts handheld CB radios, allowing the use of an external antenna
  • Compatible with most handheld CB's including Cobra, Midland, Cherokee and Northpoint
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
Replacement 10 inch Rubber Duck CB Antenna for Handheld Walkie Talkie CB Radios

Model: Walcott Radio KR1BNC

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