• Gordon West General Class Amateur License Book + Audio CD's
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  • Gordon West General Class Amateur License Book + Audio CD's
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Gordon West General Class Amateur License Book + Audio CD's

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General Class Amateur Radio study book and audio theory course on 4 audio CDs, with FREE Part 97 Rule Book. The audio CDs follow the GWGM study guide and refers you to the exact page and question in the book for more reading and understanding.

General Class Your ticket to worldwide communications!
Want to move up to the worldwide bands? General class contains everything you need to upgrade to the high-frequency, amateur radio license. The General Class license is your ticket to worldwide voice communications, as well as all other forms of ham radio emissions, including data, RTTY, CW, and slow-scan TV. With a General Class license, you can talk around the world on the DX-rich 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 75/80, and 160 meter shortwave bands.

Author Gordon West tells you the right answer and explains why the answer is correct. General Class is full of Gordo's unique educational style. Illustrations, diagrams, and photos - along with Gordo's tips and memory tricks make learning easy and fun. Gordo has reorganized all of the questions to follow the syllabus of his highly-successful weekend ham radio course. He takes you through groups of questions that are logically arranged so you can learn all of the material about each topic area from your new license privileges all the way through to RF safety.

On February 23, 2007, the FCC eliminated the requirement for a Morse code test for all amateur radio licenses. This means you no longer need to take the 5-word-per-minute CW test for your upgrade to General and Extra Class.

This new 8th edition of General Class includes all 456 multiple choice questions and answers exactly as they will appear on your 35 question Element 3 written theory exam.
Chapter 1: Gives an overview of all the exciting HF frequency privileges you will earn with your General Class upgrade.
Chapter 2: gives you a little ham history refresher lesson and updates you on all the current ham licenses.
Chapter 3: includes every Element 3 question and answer for the FCC question pool effective July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2015. Answer 26 out of the 35 questions correctly (74%) and you'll have your new upgrade license.
Chapter 4: tells you what to expect on exam day, how to find an exam site, and lots more.
Chapter 5: tells you how to learn Morse code at 5-wpm. Even though you no longer have to take the Element 1 CW test, Gordo continues to include this chapter on learning the code because he knows that learning Morse Code will enhance your operating experience on the General Bands.

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