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Frequency Expansion & Alignment

Frequency Expansion & Alignment

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Part# 80160
  • Select this to expand the operational frequencies on this radio, as well as increase the maximum power output to improve performance.
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Frequency Expansion & Alignment
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Our Amateur Radio Alignment is a 7 point process, performed using the highest quality transceiver repair/modification equipment available today. The procedure entails adjusting the AM carrier and P.E.P. (modulation), setting the squelch to uniform standards, setting the transmit and the receive metering and alignment, and performing any factory updates that may apply.


IMPORTANT! Select this option if you want to use your radio on CB Channels.
5px">IMPORTANTE ! Seleccione esta opción si desea utilizar su radio en los canales de difusión.

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Add additional frequencies to this radio
Boost the power output, without over-modulation
Install Factory Updates and Improvements
Check for and fix any factory problems
Last Modified: 05/18/2018