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Multiple mounting options available. The most common mount is the mirror mount designed just for your truck. Mounts now available for the all new P4 series 2018 - 2021+ model years that use the 3-bolt mirror arm design.

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Spot mirror brackets are another location that provide an easy install path for your CB antenna, Cell Phone Antenna, or Sirius/XM Antenna.

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Where to mount?

The Cascadia trucks usually come with a built-in RA-Miller antenna system that you can't see. In an effort to improve efficiency, Freightliner has moved the stock location for the antennas inside the cab. However, this causes massive performance issues. To get around this, use the CASP3 or CASP4 mount on the mirror, depending on your model year.

What type of antenna?

The lower mirror arm mounts work best with a top loaded fiberglass antenna, we suggest the 5 foot Firestik series or the 5 foot Thruster MAXX antennas for optimal performance. Alternatively, you can use your favorite bottom loaded antenna - Wilson 2000, Stryker SRA10, as long as you add a longer 22" Shaft or 36" shaft to your antenna.

Which radio should I use?

The older generation Freightliner Cascadia trucks have either an overhead compartment "cubby" system designed for Cobra 29 chassis radios, or an on-dash mount which doesn't limit the radio's size. The newer P4 generation has a larger cubby that can accept much larger radios. In either case the Stryker SR447HPC2 is an extremely popular, high powered 10 meter radio that would fit, or the Ranger RCI39VHP 90 Watt 10 Meter Radio is another popular option that will work no matter the year of your truck.,/p>

New Product!
Driver Extreme DRX-3552 Freightliner Cascadia P4 Mirror Antenna Mount with Heavy Duty Antenna Stud

Model: Driver Extreme DRX-3552

Key Features
  • Compatible with Freightliner Cascadia Trucks (2018+)
  • Includes Heavy Duty Stud
  • Square Lock Hardware
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Save $15.00 (30%)
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CASP4 Freightliner Cascadia CB Antenna Mount for 2018+ P4 Models

Model: Walcott Radio CASP4

Key Features
  • Compatible with Freightliner Cascadia Trucks 2018+
  • Specially designed for the new mirror arm bolt pattern
  • Adjustable Mount with no flexible arm, stronger than previous models!
  • Includes recessed offset washers and instructions
  • Strongly recommend 5' or taller antennas!
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
Universal Spot Mirror Antenna Mount

Model: Walcott Radio PCA60

Key Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Attaches to any existing spot mirror location
  • Universally Compatible. Freightliner P3 and P4 Cascadia, International Prostar and Lonestar, Peterbilt 579 series, and more.
  • NOTE: if you have a 2022 Peterbilt 579 with the sleeper bulge, this mount may not work as the bar is only 3.75" long
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Save $10.00 (22%)
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CASP3 P3 Freightliner Cascadia Antenna Mount 2008~2017

Model: Walcott Radio CASP3

Key Features
  • NEW! Upgraded version of the CAS1 and CAC1 Mounts
  • For OLDER generation 2017 P3 and all prior years Cascadia Trucks
  • Coax and Antenna sold separately
  • Strongly recommend 5' or taller antennas!
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
Universal Spot Mirror Dual Antenna Mount

Model: Walcott Radio PCA6502

Key Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Attaches to any existing spot mirror location
  • Allows for 2 antenna systems on the same mount
  • Works with P3 and P4 Freightliner Cascadia
In Stock - Fast Shipping
Stryker SRA10 Antenna Package for Freightliner Cascadia 2018+

Model: Package Bundle CASP4-STRYKER

Key Features
  • Stryker SRA10 high performance CB & 10 meter antenna
  • Freightliner Cascadia antenna bracket for 2018+ model years
  • 12' Coax cable with removable PL-259 connector
  • Heavy duty antenna stud
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
305518 Freightliner Cascadia Antenna Mount 2018 and Newer P4

Model: Wilson Antenna 305518

Key Features
  • NEW! Designed for the new generation P4 Cascadia trucks
  • 2018 and Newer (works with the 3-bolt mirror arm, not the older 4-bolt style)
  • Includes new Mounting bolts
  • Antenna Bracket Sold Separately
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
Spot Mirror Antenna Mount for Freightliner Cascadia - installs on

Model: Walcott Radio SPM50

Key Features
  • Fits in place of M6 mounting bolts on the passengers side spot mirror
  • Knurled finish for extra grip
  • Also works behind the cab
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Freightliner Cascadia Mirror Arm Perch Antenna Mount

Model: Walcott Radio SSR50C

Key Features
  • Freightliner Cascadia P3 or P4 Drivers or Passengers side Mirror Mount
  • Bolts onto one of the 4 bolts that hold the mirror to the door
  • Provides a grounded mount for CB antennas
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
Wedge Adapter for 2017+ Freightliner Cascadia Trucks PC-WF60

Model: Walcott Radio PC-WF60

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