• Flexible 4' Fiberglass CB Radio Antenna ASF4B
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Flexible 4' Fiberglass CB Radio Antenna ASF4B

ASF4B Very Flexible 4' Fiberglass CB Radio Antenna. Bends And Doesn't Break!

  • The most flexible CB radio antenna we've seen
  • 4' Length
  • Black


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Walcott Radio ASF4B Overview

Do you need an extremely durable off-road antenna? Are you a truck driver that is tired of replacing antennas all the time? Do you just need a CB antenna that is so flexible, you'll not have to worry about it breaking? This antenna is the solution. The ASF series antennas are so flexible, you can bend the antenna's tip to the antenna's connector.

Tuning Procedure:
1. Check your SWR on channels 1 and 40.
2. If channel 40 is higher than 1, lower the antenna
3. To lower, remove the cap from the top of the antenna, and use a knife to trim back the insulation until you see the copper wire.
4. Pull out the copper wire (it will unwind from the antenna). Cut around 2" to start with with a pair of cutters.
5. Put the antenna cap back on, and re-check your SWR.

As long as channel 40 has a higher SWR reading than channel 1, keep removing copper wire.

When you're finished, channels 1 and 40 should have roughly the same SWR reading, and channel 20 should have your lowest reading.

Walcott Radio ASF4B Specifications

4' Length
Wattage Handing400 Watts (approx)
Connector3/8 x 24 (standard)

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