• FLEX4 4ft Wilson Flexible Fiberglass Antenna
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FLEX4 4ft Wilson Flexible Fiberglass Antenna

4' Flex Silver Load Series CB Antenna Whip
Flexible 4' fiberglass 200 Watt antenna whip with Tunable Tip allows for fine tuning SWR resonant frequency.

  • Overall Height: 4ft
  • Highly Flexible CB Antenna
  • Great For Off-Roading
  • NOAA Weather Compatible


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Wilson Antenna
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Wilson Antenna 305-4FD Overview

An excellent solution for off-roaders or any installation where the antenna might get hit by things like tree branches.

Wilson's Flex antennas are some of the best on the market. They are flexible enough to bend completely in half without a problem. Each one comes with a separate wire at the base of the antenna to help match the impedance of the antenna system helping to lower your standing wave readings.

Extremely flexible, the antenna can be bent to the point the top and bottom touch.

Wilson Antenna 305-4FD Features

  • Works with any CB radio
  • Adjustable tip for fine tuning
  • Linear top loaded for maximum power transfer
  • Works great as a single or dual (co-phased) setup
  • Fully top-loaded for best performance
  • paced windings to reduce dielectric heat loss
  • static reducing weather cap
  • #24 Gauge Silver Plated Wire

Wilson Antenna 305-4FD Specifications

Power Handling100 watts

Wilson Antenna 305-4FD Reviews

Dennis H.
Submitted 12 years ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
NoneDidn't work, put it in the garbage.Terrible product. Bought one for a friend and myself for Christmas and we both installed them on Jeeps. Neither of us could get the SWR below 5. Plus tuning adjustment was junk. Bought a Firestick and it tuned in perfect in 10 minutes.
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