• Firestik-45 CB Antenna
  • Firestik-45 CB Antenna

Firestik-45 45" Fiberglass CB Antenna with Tunable Tip - Black

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  • Height: 45" (3'9")
  • Handles up to 900 Watts
  • Tunable Tip
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Item #: FIRESTIK45

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  • Description
Frequency Meets FirePower with the Firestik45. This antenna is not just about powerful transmission; it’s
about precision and quality. Every Firestik45 is 100% American made, using premium American materials,
integrating the spirit of American craftsmanship in every transmission. It’s exceptional construction,
including a voltage-increasing copper coil and a glass-fiber reinforced shaft, means this antenna can handle
the demands of the road while providing unparalleled communication clarity. This top of the line Firestik,
rated at a robust 900 watts and designed as a 5/8 wave antenna, embodies the essence of high-caliber
communication. The Firestik45 merges the legendary features of the original “KW” series Firestik with the
innovative bare-hands tunable tip. This patented design not only simplifies tuning but also broadens the
antenna’s bandwidth, ensuring lower SWR over more channels and enhancing the communication
experience, making it a reliable companion for long hauls.

FIRESTIK45 Features

  • Black outer coating with red weather cap
  • Made in America
  • 900 watt power rating
  • 45" height
  • Tunable Tip

FIRESTIK45 Technical Specifications

Length45" (3'9")
Power Handling900 Watts
Connection3/8 x 24
Wavelength5/8 wave

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