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Firestik K9A 18Ft Dual Coax With PL259 Connectors

Firestik K9A 18Ft Dual Coax With PL259 Connectors

by: Firestik
  • RG59 Cable
  • Complete with Ends Attached
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The quality of your communications will never be better than what the quality of your coax. Our dual lead, co-phase harness assemblies are made from our RG-59A/U, Fire-Flex coaxial cable. Designed specifically for dual antenna system configurations. Our K-9 co-phase harness utilizes two 18' (5.5m) leads. All three ends are terminated with a PL-259 type connectors to match the connector on your radio and and standard "A" type studs (eg K4A not the K4).

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

18 feet on each side
3x PL259
75 OHM
Last Modified: 02/10/2014