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F1L-UHF Ford F150 Hood/Fender CB Antenna Mount

F1L-UHF Ford F150 Hood/Fender CB Antenna Mount

Part# F1L-UHF
  • Diamond Antenna Coax Cable & Antenna Mount
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • UHF Connection to fit antennas with UHF base
  • Removable PL259 connection for easy installation
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F1L-UHF image - F1L-UHF_1.jpg
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UHF antenna mount designed specifically for the Ford F150 (1997 - 2009) pickup truck. The mount is designed to fit onto the inside of the drivers side fender. Includes Diamond C213SMA 13 1/2' coax with UHF base and removable PL259 adapter.

Compatible With:
Ford F150 1997-2009
Ford Explorer 2006


Stainless Steel Construction
Includes Diamond CS213SMA Coax

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

1 1/2
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Last Modified: 07/17/2017