• Extra Long Wilson 66 Inch Replacement Whip

Extra Long Wilson 66 Inch Replacement Whip for Wilson 1000 and 5000 Antennas 880-900906

  • For Wilson 1000 and 5000 Trunk, Magnet and Roof Mount Antennas
  • Longer than stock 62" Whip
  • Use this whip if you cannot get your SWR set with the standard 62" whip.
  • If you just need a replacement, use the 62" standard length whip


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Wilson Antenna 900906 Overview

Stainless steel whip for the Wilson 1000 Magnet, Roof, Trunk and Wilson 5000 Magnet, Roof, and Trunk antennas.

The antennas listed above come with a 62" whip, however, in some cases you need a longer whip to get the antenna tuned for the frequencies you're operating in. We have both the 62" and the 66" whips available, select this option only if you want more tuning range on your Wilson 1000 or 5000 antenna.

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