• DX1600 - AM / FM Antenna Excellent Receive on AM!
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DX1600 - AM / FM Antenna Excellent Receive on AM!

Tired Of Satellite Radio Fees? Get Back To Broadcast AM Radio With This Trucker AM/FM Antenna.

  • DX1600 Super AM Stereo Radio Antenna
  • Significantly Improve AM Radio Reception
  • Designed For Truckers.


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Walcott Radio DX1600 Overview

A new semi-truck AM/FM antenna specifically designed to increase reception on the AM radio broadcast band. Attracts signals like a magnet!

The DX-1600 is an optimized stereo radio antenna for the AM / FM broadcast band. This unique design employs two antennas in one. The FM antenna is a 1/4 wave resonant .100 stainless steel whip. The AM antenna is a heavily loaded 1/4 wave resonant active antenna (not just a sensing antenna). We have condensed what would be about 200 feet of wire into a linear loaded fiberglass whip. Additionally, we have used an advanced magnetic core to further load the antenna and provide broad band coverage. What all this means is that you have the best non amplified AM antenna on the market!

Specifically designed for the trucking market. Not usable on cars/pickups.

Walcott Radio DX1600 Features

  • Hear More - Talk Radio, News, Sports
  • Improves any AM radio reception - Enjoy quality radio listening.
  • Clearer Signal - Less noise on the stations you want to hear.
  • Longer Distance - Listen to the game or talk show longer than with a standard antenna.
  • Performance Guarantee - The DX-1600 will out perform your existing antenna on the AM Band or your money back. This guarantee is good for 30 days from date of purchase with dated sales receipt.
  • 3/8 x 24in Mounting Connector
  • Frequency Coverage530 kHz to 1710 kHz / 87.9 MHz to 107.9 MHz
  • Length3.5 feet

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