Loaded with features, Connex is the SSB 10 Meter CB radio you want. Shop all Connex CB and 10-meter radios for sale at Walcott and find the one that best fits your needs!

Connex CB radios come with many features like variable RF power, extra-large meters, and colorful interfaces. It has unbeatable power with models available up to 150+ Watts. We can help you select the right Connex radio to replace any discontinued Stryker, Connex, and Galaxy models.

Connex CB Radios
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10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Includes Free Noise Canceling Mic Upgrade ($49.95 Value)
  • FREE - 90 Day In-Store Warranty! (except finals)
  • 45 Watts PeP (Bird), 30 Watts RMS (Dosy)
  • Echo & Talkback
  • Blue LED Lights
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • FREE - 90 Day In-Store Warranty! (except finals)
  • Compact 10 Meter Radio
  • Fits into Semi Truck Cubbies and Drawers -- Same size as Cobra 29
  • 45 Watts PeP (Bird), 20 Watts RMS (Dosy)
  • Echo & Talkback
  • Large Display
  • Blue LED Channel
10+ In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Includes Free Noise Canceling Mic Upgrade ($49.95 Value)
  • 45 Watts PeP (Bird), 30 Watts RMS (Dosy)
  • FIVE selectable faceplate colors
  • Display Lights: Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Cyan
  • Echo & Talkback
  • Variable Power


What is Connex CB Radio?

Connex is mostly known for their 10 meter radio products. Widely used by the US trucking market due to their simplicity and effectiveness. Connex has also produced a few CB radios through the years like the Connex CX366 and CX566 CB's. Most notable their 10 meter radios like the 3300 series, 4300, and 4600 have been their hallmark contributions to the 10 meter radio market.

How many Watts does a Connex 3300 have?

Depending on the age of the 3300 and the model, the power output will range from around 30 to 50 watts PeP. The older generation Connex CX3300 did not have a rear heatsink and had a single output transistor which resulted in an average of 35 watts PeP. The later generations 3300HP used dual bi-polar, and eventually MOSFET transistors resulting in an average output of 50 watts PeP.

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