• Compustar DASH CD3200 Dash Cam with Two Cameras High Definition Video
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Compustar DASH CD3200 Dash Cam with Two Cameras High Definition Video


Walcott Radio CD3200 Overview

We've all seen the videos on Youtube. Dash mountable Camera's, or DASH CAMS are becoming the most common piece of electronics in a vehicle next to the cellular phone, and for obvious reasons. The choice you have to make is less about IF you should have a Dash Cam and more about WHICH camera to go with.

The Compustar CD3200 has proven itself to be one of the best, and you should consider owning this camera as soon as possible to prevent someone elses driving mistake to turn into your insurance nightmare.

Keep reading to see why this is one of the best Dash cameras we've seen in a long time.

The CD3200 gives you Extra Eyes on the Road
Compustar DASH captures every moment while you are driving at the front and rear of your vehicle in 720p HD quality. Thanks to the built in front-facing camera, and the second side or rear mountable camera, you will have coverage everywhere you need it.

In the event of an accident, don't leave it up to someone else to decide what happened, Compustar DASH has a built-in shock sensor that will specially store footage from 10 seconds before and after impact is detected!

The Compustar CD3200 Never Sleeps

DASH Never sleeps
Compustar DASH is an embedded solution that connects directly with your vehicle's battery, so that it can operate even when your engine is off. Using wide-angle motion detection, Compustar DASH will automatically record when an object comes within 20 feet of your vehicle. That's vehicle security.

Why Compustar DASH?
#1 Brand in Vehicle Security
24/7/365 Surveillance + Security
Intelligent Motion/Shock Detection
Dual HD Camera System

Watch Footage on the Road or at Home
Watch on the Road

The DASH CD-3200 has a touch-screen LCD that allows you to view recent events and adjust camera settings

Watch at Home

Compustar DASH comes with a micro-SD reader that allows you to view your driving footage on your desktop or laptop. (Footage is recorded in .AVI format).

CD3200 Infographic

DASH Sees and Remembers
Compustar DASH records in 720 HD quality at 24 frames per second so that every detail is precisely captured.

Once recorded, DASH uses SmartStore to categorize footage as regular driving footage, an impact-triggered event, or footage recorded while parked.

All DASH footage is stored on a mini-SD card inside of the front camera. While driving, DASH goes into Infinity Mode, which constantly records front and rear driving activity. Overtime, this footage gets overlapped with new driving footage.

When DASH detects impact, DASH will take the 10 seconds before and after the impact and store it in a separate Events folder where it cannot be overlapped.

If your vehicle is parked, DASH will similarly store footage in a separte Parking folder if motion or impact is detected around your vehicle.

We Take Our Tech Seriously
Omnivision Image Sensor: Made in the USA, our image sensor keeps every detail in focus in clear resolution. CortexA8 Image Processor

Microphone built in: Built-in Microphone

DASH records the sights AND sounds of every moment, capturing all of details.

CortexA8 Image Processor

From outside your car to your computer, DASH maintains the integrity and quality of every frame.

Two hundred and forty degrees of coverage.
240° Degree Coverage

Both DASH cameras are equipped with a wide-angle 120° lens that captures all surrounding activity.

Walcott Radio CD3200 Technial Specifications