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Cobra HGM75 High Gear Power CB Microphone

Cobra HGM75 High Gear Power CB Microphone

by: Cobra
  • Powered Microphone
  • 4 Pin Connection works with most CB and 10 Meter Radios
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The Cobra HGM75 is an amplified power microphone that comes with a 4 pin connection that works with most CB and 10 meter radios. Dramatically increases the loudness of what you're saying. There's a gain control conveniently located on the back of the mic which allows you to adjust the amount of amplification.

Requires 9V Battery

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

9 Foot Cord
Wire Mesh Grille
Heavy-duty ABS Housing
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  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • 9 foot (stretched) cord
  • Wire mesh grille
  • Chrome plated 4-pin connector
  • Heavy-duty ABS Housing
  • Convert your standard 4-PIN microphone into a 5-Pin Cobra or Uniden microphone
  • Works with Cobra 148 and Uniden Grant CB radios
  • Standard 4-Pin Wiring
  • Works with most 4 pin radios including Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, and others
  • 8 Foot coiled cord
  • Pistol Grip ergonomic mic
Last Modified: 10/26/2015