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Cobra 29LTDCHR Chrome CB Radio

29LTDCHR - Beautiful Chrome Case With Stark, Black Faceplate Illuminated By Clear Blue Lights. One of the best radios ever made, now with chrome!

  • All blue LED lights!
  • Built-in SWR meter
  • Stylish Chrome Case


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Cobra 29LTDCHR Overview

Amazing price and features to match the new Cobra 29 LTD CHR Chrome CB radio for sale. New Features include the popular blue channel and meter lights and adjustable talk control, which allows you to monitor your transmitted audio from the radio speaker. You will love the chrome case that makes your CB radio look sharp.

Other features include a front panel microphone connector. A 9 foot microphone cord. Tactile controls. Full RF power output. Dynamike Gain Control. RF Gain Control. PA Function. SWR Meter Function.

Cobra 29LTDCHR Features

  • New Chrome Cases and Chrome Microphone FaceClassic Chrome Design.
  • Blue Channel / Meter LightsPopular Cool Blue Look.
  • Talk-Back ControlAllows You To Monitor Your Transmitted Audio.
  • 40 Channel OperationFull 40 Citizen Band channel operation.
  • Front Panel Mic Connector with 9' CordAllows convenient installation to be in dash or under dash.
  • PA CapabilityUse CB radio as a Public Address System with PA speaker. Receive signals can also be monitored through PA. (see options below for PA speaker)
  • Dynamike Gain ControlDynamically boosts microphone for increased voice clarity.
  • RF Gain ControlAdjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.
  • 2 year MFG warranty
  • Tactile ControlsAllows you to actually feel where the dial is in it's rotation without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Analog S/RF/SWR meterBuilt in SWR & Power meter.
  • Instant Channel 9Instant access to the emergency channel 9
  • Dimmer controlAdjusts brightness of the channel display and signal strength meter.
  • Switchable Noise BlankerFor increased noise reduction.
  • Nine foot long Mic CordMount your CB in a comfortable spot with greater range microphone.
  • Channel Indicator w. Blue LEDInstant readout of which channel you are broadcasting on.

Cobra 29LTDCHR Specifications

Frequency Range26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz
Length8 3/4" from back of case to bezel
Length10 1/4" from antenna jack to control knobs
Width7 5/16"
Height2 3/16"
Current Draw2 Amp
Microphone Pin-OutStandard 4-Pin
Power Connection3-Pin Standard

Cobra 29LTDCHR Reviews

walter B.
Submitted 11 years ago.
Had a CB shop in YUMA AZ work on my Galaxy 98VHP when I was there, shortly after the speaker when bad on the road, stopped at the first truck stop and brought Cobra 29LTD CHR to use on the trip, This radio has a GREAT receive very quite and pulls in stations way way out there, an the radio looks good to boot! I put a new speaker in the Galaxy when I got home, but will not think of ever selling my little Cobra 29LTDCHR with the recive this radio has ***** Oldtimer
Justin H.
Submitted 14 years ago.
Nice cb i have it in a truck and no antenna trouble and works well...this cb has it all chrome case and blue lighting..microsphone is not chrome it is plastic but looks cool. no problems!
Dallas B.
Submitted 15 years ago.
this is a nice radio but has poblems-i have had it peaked and echo board put in but i cannot hear the sound and the talk back has no control i dont know if these problem are due to the work performed or not i have sent this radio back to be fixed but was told nothing was wrong-i have another cobra 29 turned up with echo that works great and has since 2000 and i only need the volume half way with an external speaker-but with this radio here i cannot hear myself talk to adjust the echo and cannot hear others talking to me
Richard R.
Submitted 15 years ago.
FANTASTIC RADIO ! Limited Edition and all chrome..everything you want in the Cobra 29 ! Bought mine and added the ARIES 2024 ECHO mic with roger -beep and that's all you need....THE 29LTD S.E. is good to go.....blue lights,talk back,SWR meter...what else can you say....IT'S A DEAL and a GREAT RADIO OUT OF THE BOX !!
jason d.
Submitted 15 years ago.
It's the Cobra 29 LTD Classic with all the good and no bad. NO soundtracker. YES to the blue LED meter and channel display, YES to the built-in variable talkback, YES to the chrome case. Individually if you were to add all of these components you would end up spending a lot more than the $10 difference compared to the standard Cobra 29 LTD Classic. It's features, performance, and price that make this one a great deal.
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