• Cobra 29 NightWatch CB with Peak Performance and Astatic Mic
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  • Cobra 29 NightWatch CB with Peak Performance and Astatic Mic
  • 29FMNW-B2.jpg
  • 29FMNW-B2.jpg
  • 29FMNW-B2.jpg
  • 29FMNW-B2.jpg
  • 29FMNW-B2.jpg
  • 29FMNW-B2.jpg

Cobra 29 NightWatch CB with Peak Performance and Astatic Mic - Maximum Performance and Upgraded Microphone

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  • Peak Performance Upgrade
  • Nightwatch Illuminated Faceplate
  • Astatic 636L Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Classic design & size
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Item #: 29NWFM-B2

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  • Description
People have been wanting access to FM mode on CB's for years because it offers clearer sound quality with reduced background noise. Well that day has come. Cobra's 29 LTD NW is the next generation of a classic CB radio. For decades the Cobra 29 series has been the go to for radio for professional drivers and now they've now been updated to offer the newly opened FM mode.

The Nightwatch technology built in to the 29 LTD NW is what sets this radio apart from it's siblings. The faceplate lettering is engineered to provide the maximum brightness, while still keeping eye strain, and fatigue to a minimum, increasing safety and ease of use.

The AM and FM modes in the 29's use the same channels or frequencies, so any CB antenna system will work with both AM and FM. There's no need to buy any specialty antennas or re-tune your antenna.

If you're a night time driver looking for a reliable radio to use in a dark environment, the 29 Nightwatch is the radio for you.

29NWFM-B2 Features

  • Peak Performance UpgradeGet the most out of your radio
  • Noise Cancelling MicrophoneAstatic 636L
  • AM/FMDual modes allow you to operate the 40 CB channels in AM or FM mode
  • Nightwatch (NW)Backlighting behind the faceplate illuminates the lettering of the controls. Perfect for night drivers.
  • Classic 29 DesignWith a layout that's intuitive for users new and old, and reliability you need
  • SWR MeterSWR Cal allows you to adjust the SWR meter and check antenna readings for optimal performance
  • Ant AlertThe red antenna alert light will come on to indicate a potential problem in the antenna system
  • Public Address (PA)Attaching a PA speaker allows you to broadcast to those in ear shot instead of over the airwaves
  • ControlsVolume, Squelch, Dynamike, RF Gain, Dimmer, SWR Cal, S/RF/ SWR / Cal Meter Switch, NB/ANL Switch, Tone Control, Instant Channel 9 / 19 Switch
  • Additional Features
  • What's in the box?:
  • Cobra 29 LTD Nightwatch
  • 4 Pin Dynamic Microphone with 9' cord
  • 3 Pin Power Cord
  • Mounting Bracket and Knobs
  • Microphone Hanger
  • Owner's Manual

29NWFM-B2 Technical Specifications

Weight4.50 lbs. (2041.16g)
Height2.49" (6.32cm)
Width7.60" (19.30cm)
Depth8.60" (21.84cm)
ModesDual Mode - AM/FM
Frequency Range26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz
Current Draw2 amps
Microphone Connector4 Pin Standard
Power Connector3 Pin Standard

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