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Communicate with the world, or just people down the street with a CB radio, or 10 meter radio system. CB radios are our specialty and have been our focus for over 34 years. Hands-on experience and world-class support. We will get you talking!

40 channel CB Radios, high performance 10 Meter Radios, everything all in one with Radio Packages, walkie talkie Handheld CB Radios, and Base Station Radios for use at home or your office
External speakers help you better hear what your radio is saying.
Improve your radio's audio with a noise canceling or amplified microphone.
Fiberglass Antennas from 2-6 Feet, Magnetic Antennas from 8 inches up to over 6 feet tall, High Performance trucker antennas, No Ground Antennas for farming and RV's, and Base Station Antennas for your home or office.
Replacement mounts, pickup mounts, extended drop-down brackets and more
Single or Dual antenna coax for vehicles, up to 150 foot Base Station Coax, use multiple antennas with Antenna switches, repair your cable with a replacement PL-259 connector, convert or adapt your coax with BNC, UHF, Mini-UHF, FME, and other Coax Adapters
Pickup, Car, Van, and Semi Vehicle Antenna Mounts, mounts designed just for Freightliner Cascadia semi trucks, antenna studs, Base Station Mounts to install your antenna at home
Replacement antenna Whips / Stingers, protect your antenna with a Antenna Spring, extend or reduce the height with antenna shafts, quickly remove your antenna with quick disconnect, adapt your UHF, NMO, or 3/8 antenna with Antenna Adapters, reinforce or fix your ground problems with grounding straps, replace your antenna cap
3-pin, 6-pin, heavy duty 2-pin, fuses, connectors and more
Convert your home wall outlet into a DC power station to use your CB and other electronics at home.
Measure your radio's output power and your antenna system's functionality
Getting your HAM radio license is easier than ever. We've got books and audiobooks to help
Convert your vehicles DC power into AC so you can use home appliances in your vehicle.


Are CB Radio amplifiers illegal?

Yes, CB amps / kickers / boxes / linears / footwarmers / etc are illegal. You are not allowed to operate a linear amplifier on CB frequencies.

How do I increase the signal strength on my CB radio?

For incoming signals, make sure to run your RF gain turned fully clockwise (right). For both transmitting and receiving it's important to use the tallest possible antenna that your installation calls for. If you're soft spoken and want to be heard louder, you can always add an amplified CB microphone to your radio. This won't give you more power, but it will increase your signal strength in that it will push your radio to output as much power as it can.

Can you play music on a CB radio?

Per the FCC rules and regulations you are not allowed to play music or advertise over CB radio.

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