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What purpose do CB radios have in the cell phone age?

Think about the last time you were stuck in traffic, and you have no idea what was going on ahead. You're stuck moving at 5 mph without knowing the reason why, or how long you should expect to wait. CB radios give you access and availability to a local network of people, people who you couldn't call on your phone because you don't know them, but people who for miles and miles would have been telling everyone with CB radios to take the previous exit because of the accident ahead. You cannot get this on a cellular phone.

How much do should CB radios systems cost?

An average price for a CB radio product, antenna, mount and cable will usually be around $200, give or take. There are many options, so complete systems of CB radios will vary quite a lot from as low as $70 to well over $1000. For most people, expect to spend between $50~150 on the CB radios, and around $30~100 on the antenna system.

RF gain in CB Equipment

This control, found on most CB radios (and other consumer electronics), affects your receiver sensitivity. Normally, you want to turn your RF gain control all the way to the right so you can hear other CB radios as far away as possible. Sometimes, you don't want to hear the people far away as you are having a conversation with someone close by, this is when it's a good idea to turn the RF gain down. If in doubt, turn it up all the way!

CB Radio Mic gain

Your microphone gain, also known as dynamic mic gain control, is used to adjust the volume of your transmitted audio. Basically, this controls how loud you sound when talking. Generally speaking, you should keep the mic gain turned up as high as you can. A good range is between the 12:00 position and full right. If anyone says you're too loud, turn this control down. If they say you're quiet, turn it up.


In radio communications, Single-SideBand modulation or Single-SideBand Suppressed-Carrier is a refinement of amplitude modulation which uses transmitter power and bandwidth more efficiently. Amplitude modulation produces an output signal that has twice the bandwidth of the original baseband signal. Single-sideband modulation avoids this bandwidth doubling, and the power wasted on a carrier, at the cost of increased device complexity and more difficult tuning at the receiver (resource)


Your standing wave ratio is a measurement of the efficiency of your antenna system. Less efficient systems will have a higher SWR. reading and will result in poor performance and potential damage to your radio. Therefore, it's always important to measure the SWR reading of your antenna system with regularity. Choosing CB radios with a built in SWR meter is a very good idea so can quickly test your antenna system. Alternatively, you can purchase a standlone SWR meter from us here.

Browse all 10 Meter Radios, CB Radios, Handhelds and other consumer electronics for sale. We offer various brands of CB radios and 10-meter radios for sale, including Cobra, Uniden, Midland, Galaxy, Stryker, Connex, Ranger, General, Magnum and More!

Do you have questions about which CB radio to buy? Are you confused about features like talkback, sideband, echo or availibility?

Best CB Radios

Do you need help figuring out which radio would best fit your needs? Call us with your CB radio product info questions. We have been selling, repairing, and installing CB radios for over 30 years, getting great reviews. Walcott Radio employees are well versed in the differences and features that can make the daunting task of choosing a more simple prospect. We know everyone wants to get out and hear well, so try to phrase your needs as specifically as you can so we can point you in the right direction. Don't forget the importance of your antenna system, and the impact of SWR on the health and longevity of your CB radio. Take advantage of our expertise, because we want you to make an informed decision that will hopefully last you many, many years of use.

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$294.89 Save $44.90
  • A complete radio system, just select your antenna!
  • Cobra 29LTD Classic peaked to between 30-40 watts
  • Echo Installed
  • Astatic 636L noise canceling microphone
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$169.95 Save $10.00
  • Peak performance Cobra 29 LTD Classic
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$234.90 Save $24.91
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$183.80 Save $13.81
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Full-Featured 40-Channel CB Radio
  • BearTracker Warning System -- Legal alternative to Radar Detectors
  • Police, Fire, EMS, DOT Scanner including Digital
  • GPS Included for precise radio system selection
  • USA/Canada Database of All Known Radio Systems
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Single side band CB radios
  • Large, easy to read meter
  • Frequency Display
  • Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • FREE Ranger SRA198 Noise Canceling Mic
  • Front Mounted Microphone
  • Built-In SWR Meter
  • Frequency Counter
  • Roger Beep
  • Variable Talkback
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Built-in SWR Meter
  • Faceplate Illumination
  • Instant 9/19 Switch
  • PA Speaker Ready
  • Standard 7.6in Wide
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Entire CB radios in your hand!
  • Popular with off-roaders & pickups
  • Receives NOAA weather
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Compact CB Radios
  • Front mounted speaker - perfect for in-dash mounting
  • Receives NOAA Weather Channels
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$199.95 Save $20.00
  • AM/SSB Modes
  • Built-In Weather Radio
  • Front Mounted Speaker
  • Memory Channels
  • Single Din Size w Front Mounted Speaker
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Includes RK56 Noise Canceling Mic
  • Blue LED Backlit Control Knobs
  • Front Mounted USB Jack For Charging
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$209.95 Save $9.96
  • AM and SSB Modes
  • SWR Meter
  • Compact Chassis (same as Cobra 29)
  • Standard 7.6in Wide
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Compact 40 Channel CB Radio
  • Easy to Use
  • Instant Channel 9 / 19 Switching
  • PA Speaker Ready
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Compact CB radios available
  • Highly effective
  • Rugged and extremely durable
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Compact CB
  • Instant Channel 9 Switch
  • RF Gain Control
  • PA Speaker capable
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Auto-calibrating SWR meter
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Starlite faceplate illumination
  • Talkback
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$99.95 Save $10.95
  • Extremely small size
  • Quick-release mounting bracket
  • Weather channel with Alert
  • 7 Color display
  • Instant 9/19 Channel Selection
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • 40-Channel Operation CB Radios
  • Ultra-Compact for Easy Mounting -- Just 4 x 4 x 1 Inches
  • NOAA Weather with Alert
  • Easy-access Speaker/Mic controls
  • Large Display on Speaker/Mic
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$44.95 Save $5.00
  • Large, Clear Display
  • Extremely Compact
  • Easy to Use
  • Public Address Speaker Ready
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$101.80 Save $1.85
  • Check out this combo package for an inexpensive, but rugged CB system designed specifically for heavy equipment, quarries, mining, etc.
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Compact 40 Channel CB Radio
  • Built-In Weather Radio
  • PA Speaker Ready
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • $20 Mail-in Rebate from August 1 to September 30 2020.
  • Muilti-Color Display
  • Built-in SWR Meter - Found in function menu
  • Receives NOAA Weather Stations and Alerts
  • 2.1A USB Jack
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$119.95 Save $10.00
  • 40 channels AM
  • Weather Alert
  • Manual squelch and ASC (Automatic Squelch Control)
  • Multi-function LCD display
  • Vox function (Hands-free)
  • ANL filter and HI-CUT
  • RF Gain
  • Priority channel memory
  • Roger Beep
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Trucking-grade professional series CB radio
  • Built-in SWR Meter
  • High SWR Alert
  • Hi-Cut Receiver Noise Filter
  • PA Speaker Ready
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$99.99 Save $30.00
  • Xtra Talk Mic Gain
  • RF Gain Control
  • Automatic Noise Limiter and Noise Blanker
  • PA Function
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Smaller CB Radio for more tighter installs
  • Simple features, easy to use controls
  • Hi-Cut receiver filter removes additional unwanted noise for clearer receive
  • Bright/Dim for the Orange Display Lights
In Stock - Fast Shipping
  • Talkback
  • Microphone Dynamic / Electret Selectable
  • Front microphone plug
  • Extremely small size 4.9 IN wide and 1.8 IN tall
  • Multi-color Faceplate
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$126.85 Save $7.00
  • Complete CB Radio System for your Farm Equipment
  • Specialty 3 foot "No Ground" antenna system works on all fiberglass vehicles and metal tractors alike.
  • High Quality 711 external speaker included.
  • Everything you need in one package
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$79.95 Save $4.96
  • Compact, easy to use CB
  • Lighter plug power cord for easy plug-n-go setup
  • Magnetic, lightweight 3ft tall CB antenna. Quickly installs and removes.
  • The whole kit can be installed in just a few minutes and removed just as quickly
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$159.99 Save $15.09
  • The smallest CB radio available!
  • Maximum CB radio Power
  • Magnetic 20" AM/FM Look-alike CB Antenna
  • Power Cord Plug Installed
  • 2.1A USB Jack - Charge your phone from your CB!
In Stock - Fast Shipping
$124.99 Save $25.00
  • 4-Watt Output Power - Delivers maximum communication range
  • Large, Backlit LCD screen - Multifunction display that is easy to see day or night
  • Channel Scan - Automatically checks channels for activity
  • NOAA Weather Radio - Instant access to weather/hazard information 24/7
  • Instant Channel 9/19 - Immediate access to emergency 9 and road channel 19
  • Optional - Magnetic Antenna mount to convert to mobile CB (Sold Separately - shop for antennas)
Temporarily Sold Out
$459.80 Save $19.81
  • President Lincoln II+ 50 Watt Radio
  • 10A Constant, 12A Surge 12V DC Power Supply
  • Powerful PT99 17 foot antenna
  • 50 Feet RG8U Base Coax
Temporarily Sold Out
$159.95 Save $20.00
  • $20 Mail-in Rebate From August 1, to September 30th.
  • Listen to live weather radio in your CB!
  • Charge your phone from the front mounted 2.1A USB jack
  • Small package, but big in performance
Temporarily Sold Out
  • Complete Base Station Combination
  • Galaxy DX2547 Base Station CB Radio
  • 18' Proton PT99 Base Station Antenna
  • 50' Coax Cable
Temporarily Sold Out
  • NEW! Deluxe Edition of the Galaxy DX959
  • NEW! Blue Channel, Meter, and Frequency Lights
  • NEW! EL Faceplate Illumination - All the faceplate wording has a soft glow for nighttime use
  • USB/LSB/AM Modes
  • Built-In Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter
  • Frequency Display (now in Blue)
Temporarily Sold Out
$149.95 Save $20.00
  • DIN Sized
  • Front Mounted Speaker
  • SWR Meter
  • Multi-Color Display
  • 12 or 24 Volt
  • Weather Channels
Temporarily Sold Out
  • Multi-Color LCD Faceplate - Blue / Green / Amber / Red
  • Built-in SWR Meter
  • Variable Talkback Control
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • PA Speaker Jack
  • Standard 7.6in Wide
Temporarily Sold Out
$159.95 Save $11.00
  • Single Sideband SSB (USB/LSB) Modes
  • 7 Color Digital Display
  • 7 NOAA Weather Channels and Alert
  • SWR Meter Built-In
  • Standard 7.6in Wide
Temporarily Sold Out
$279.90 Save $39.91
Temporarily Sold Out
  • Base Station or Mobile CB Use at home or in a car
  • AM And Single Sideband Modes (USB / LSB)
  • 5-Digit Frequency Display
  • Headphone Jack
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