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Bracketron UGC229BL GPS Power Cord

Bracketron UGC229BL GPS Power Cord

  • Works with most Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan GPS Units
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The Power Charger allows you to charge your GPS unit while you drive. Featuring 4 different connectors to be used on the most popular GPS brands along with an LED power indicator and 4 foot power cord.

The Power-Charger output is rated 5Vdc 2A to accommodate most new GPS device including GarminŽ, MagellanŽ and TomTomŽ.


Rated 5V 1.5A to accommodate most new GPS.
Charge as you drive, saving valuable waiting time.
Includes four different connectors to be used with most popular brands of GPS.
LED Power Indicator.
4 Power Connections

What's Included

  • Car Charger
  • Mini USB Adapter
  • Garmin DC Adapter
  • 3.2mm DC Adapter
  • 4mm DC Adapter
Last Modified: 12/15/2013