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Bracketron STM100BL Mobile Hold-iT Universal Mobile Device Holder

Bracketron STM100BL Mobile Hold-iT Universal Mobile Device Holder

  • Installs in Seconds
  • Standard Vent Mount Included
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The Mobile Hold-iT, is a universal holder designed for all portable electronics. It's unique "Slide-On Fastening System" allows you to mount virtually any mobile device in a sleek, professional way while providing a stable, secure and easily accessible mounting solution.

Using 3Mô VHB Tape, it can be mounted just about anywhere and installs in seconds. The included Standard Vent Mount also offers the additional option of mounting it to one of the air vent louvers when used in conjunction with the also included T-Notch Adapter.


Infinite Dash Mounting Options
Installs in Seconds
Hold-iT Attaches to Your Mobile Device Using 3Mô VHB Tape
Standard Vent Mount Included
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Last Modified: 06/26/2014