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  • Popular! Home Base CB Antenna
  • 18ft Tall
  • 2,000 Watt Rating
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  • 5000 Watt Rated
  • High Performance CB Base Station Antenna
  • +2 dB Gain versus A99/PT99
  • 3 MHz Bandwidth
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  • 2000 Watt CB Radio Base Antenna
  • 18 feet Tall
  • Easy SWR Tuning
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  • 5' Tall
  • Designed to be Used Indoors
  • Includes 18' Coaxial
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  • Ground Plane Attachment for Solarcon Antron A99 Antenna
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  • Bundled A99 Antenna with the Ground Radial Kit
  • Popular! Home Base CB Antenna
  • 18ft Tall
  • Includes Four 6' Fiberglass Radials
  • 2,000 Watt Rating
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  • Ground Plane for IMAX 2000
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  • Replace and improve your top element on your A99!
  • 1-2 S Unit increase vs Stock Element
  • Additional tuning with Top Tip
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$114.90 Save $14.95
  • Get it all ! The Proton PT99 + Ground Plane Kit for extra performance
  • 2000 Watt CB Radio Base Antenna
  • 18 feet Tall
  • Easy SWR Tuning
  • Includes Ground Plane Kit
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$269.75 Save $29.80
  • Proton PT99 18ft Base Antenna
  • Universal Ground Plane Kit
  • 3 Foot Tripod Roof Mount
  • 5 Foot Galvanized Steel Antenna Mast
  • 50 Foot Coax Cable
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  • Improves performance by 30%
  • Installs at the base of all ProComm base station antennas
  • Includes (4) 4' long fiberglass radials with aluminum mounting hub


What is the best Base CB antenna?

The best omni-directional base station antenna is currently the Solarcon Imax 2000 due it's improved dB gain and 24' height. However, the most commonly bought and used base antennas (including on our own building) are a tie between the Antron A99 and the Proton PT99 both of which are around 18 feet tall.

How high should a CB base antenna be?

Roof mounting is preferred as it gets your antenna mounted as high as possible. If you have access, mounting your antenna to a tower would be even better - but finding someone to purchase and install a tower can be a difficult process.

Can I use a mobile CB antenna for a base station?

Yes, although it's not easy. Mobile antennas are only 1/2 of an antenna system. The other half is the vehicle itself. If you want to use a mobile antenna at home, you need to construct a reflective counterpoise. This can be a difficult process if you are not familiar with antenna theory, so in general, we strongly suggest against using mobile antennas at home. If you know how to build an antenna, you probably aren't asking this question to begin with. If you don't know how to build an antenna, we suggest sticking with base antennas that are already designed for at home use.

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