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BADBOY Powerful Dual-Tone Air Horn - CHROME

BADBOY Powerful Dual-Tone Air Horn - CHROME

by: Wolo
Part# BADBOY519
  • 118 Decibels-530/680 Hz
  • E-Z Install
BADBOY519 image - BADBOY519.jpg

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WOLO’s BAD BOY CHROME ™ has all the same features, as the original BAD BOY ™ with bright chrome plated finish is a step-up letting the vehicle stand out in chrome. The diagrams have a new shaped chrome cover and Wolo has added a chrome cover to the top of the compressor. Both covers are aerodynamically shape making the BAD BOY CHROME™ a great choice to dress-up any engine compartment as well as the exterior mount on a motorcycle.

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Last Modified: 03/21/2017