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Audiovox FMDA25 FM Switching Module

Audiovox FMDA25 FM Switching Module

by: Audiovox
Part# FMDA25
  • Sirius FM Modulator
  • Having problems with your Sirius radio losing signal? This is the solution
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Audiovox FMDA25 FM Switching Module
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This FM Direct Adapter allows you to feed the signal from your SIRIUS or XM radio directly into your car radio, eliminating the outside static and interference you sometimes experience when using a wireless FM connection.

You still use your FM radio to hear the great SIRIUS content, but the direct connection eliminates the need to find an unused FM station and provides better performance. you can still hear your local AM or FM stations when your Sirius radio is turned off.

Installation Instructions:
1. Remove the car radio from dashboard to gain access to the Antenna jack.
2. Connect the 3/8" male stereo cable to the SIRIUS radio "FM Out" connection on the vehicle dock.
3. Remove the FM antenna from the back of the car radio.
4. Insert the FM antenna into the FM Direct Adapter female connector
5. Insert the male end of the Direct Wire Adapter's FM Antenna connecter into the back of the car radio.
6. Put your stereo back in your dash and you're done!


Eliminates outside static and interference sometimes experienced with a wireless FM connection Connect your SIRIUS or XM radio directly to your car radio via the antenna jack Compatible with all SIRIUS brand Plug and Play radios Includes the plugs and wires required for most installation
Last Modified: 04/07/2016