• Astatic PDC2 - 100 Watt Power & SWR Meter
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Astatic PDC2 - 100 Watt Power & SWR Meter

  • SWR & Power Meter
  • Measures up to 100 Watts AM Carrier
  • Small Size at 5" wide and 2" deep
  • Easy Operation


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Astatic PDC2 Overview

The PDC2 SWR Meter / test instrument is a compact 3-function test meter designed to indicate the condition of any 52 ohm antenna and antenna coax used for CB radio operation by testing for Standing Wave Ratio (SWR), relative RF power, or field strength. This meter does not read modulation (PeP).

Tuning of transmitters can also be accomplished when using this meter as a field strength meter. Also, comparing antennas can be accomplished with this meter. It is designed to be used for base stations or mobile operations and can be permanently installed in the antenna system without any measurable loss of power.

Astatic PDC2 Features

  • Maximum Power Input100 Watts
  • Frequency Range24-30 Mhz (HF)
  • SWR Accuracy -/+ 5%
  • RF Power Accuracy -/+ 10%

Astatic PDC2 Specifications

  • Length2 1/2in
  • Width4 3/4in
  • Height2 1/2in

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