Astatic 636L-FLAG Noise Canceling CB Radio Microphone

Astatic 636L-FLAG Noise Canceling CB Radio Microphone

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  • Noise Canceling
  • Specialty US Flag Case
  • Metal Cord for cable protection
  • Pre-wired standard 4-pin (Cobra/Galaxy)
636L-FLAG image - 636L-FLAG-1.jpg
636L-FLAG image - Astatic-636L-Flag-Noise-Canceling-CB-Microphone.jpg
636L-FLAG image - Astatic-636L-Flag-Noise-Canceling-CB-Microphone-front.jpg
636L-FLAG image - Astatic-636L-Flag-Noise-Canceling-CB-Microphone-close.jpg
636L-FLAG image - Astatic-636L-Flag-Noise-Canceling-CB-Microphone-back-case.jpg

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The industry standard for over 70 years. The 636L is a noise canceling dynamic microphone that was designed for close talking handheld applications in CB, Amateur Radio and SSB communications.

The 636L is used in situations where there is high background noise levels, such as trucks. Our commercial version of this mic is used in public service agencies, such as fire departments all over the United States. The 636L has a rugged housing, polyurethane coated steel grille screen and a dependable low impedance dynamic element.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Frequency Response
100 to 5,000 Hz
Six wire, five conductors, one conductor shielded, steel cord with durable strain relief
200 Ohms
Heavy Duty Steel Cord 7 1/2 ft
Chrome Rugged ABS Housing
Soft Vinyl Lip Guard
Stainless Steel Spring Strain Relief
4-Pin Standard
Polyurethane Coated Steel Grille
1-Year Limited MFG Warranty
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Last Modified: 02/16/2017