• Anytone AT-5555 PLUS All Mode Full Featured Computer Programmable 10 Meter Radio
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  • Anytone AT-5555 PLUS All Mode Full Featured Computer Programmable 10 Meter Radio
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Anytone AT-5555 PLUS All Mode Full Featured Computer Programmable 10 Meter Radio - All New Updated Version

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  • NOTE - this is a different model from the Anytone AT5555N
  • NEW! Includes CTCSS / DCS module
  • All Mode: CW / AM / FM / USB / LSB
  • Echo / Reverb & Talkback
  • Hi-Cut Tone Control

Item #: AT5555-PLUS

This item is backordered from the manufacturer. We do not have an expected in stock date at this time.
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  • Description
Introducing the all new Quad-5 AT5555 10-meter radio from Anytone. This amazing all-mode radio transceiver has everything you could want, plus some, in an HF radio for either SSB, FM, CW, or AM use.

The feature list of this all-mode radio transceiver will rival that of anything on the market, but we found the best features have to do with a radio that is stable on single sideband and construction quality that should ensure a very long, trouble-free life.

The description, as listed from the manufacturer states "This radio is loaded with memory. Every channel retains the last clarifier frequency and more...It's top of it's class...the audio on both transmit and receive is excellent with it's new design. Quality UP/DN/Auto Squelch switching mic included. Program your favorite channel in the EMG channel on each of 6 bands for one button tuning. Your favorite mic is easily updated for UP/DN/ASQ". For more information, contact www.WalcottRadio.com either by email or phone at 1-844-Walcott.

If you are looking for a great single sideband HF radio in the 10 meter band, don't pass this one up. Do yourself a favor and get a AT-5555 Plus 10-meter radio today.

AT5555-PLUS Features

  • All ModeCW / AM / FM / USB / LSB
  • Additional Features
  • Echo / Reverb & Talkback
  • Hi-Cut Tone Control
  • Dual Watch
  • Scan Feature
  • Variable RF Power
  • Automatic Calibrating SWR Meter
  • DC Voltage Display
  • SWR and Voltage Protection
  • ANL / NB Receive Filters
  • AM/FM Auto Squelch
  • Programmable Clarifier
  • Up/Down & Auto Squelch Buttons on Mic
  • Roger Beep
  • NEW! Selectable microphone type: electret or dynamic
  • NEW! Includes CTCSS / DCS module

AT5555-PLUS Technical Specifications

Power OutputAM Carrier 10w
Power OuptutSSB 50w
Current Draw7A
Fuse Size10A
Width (front side-mic jack to right chassis)8 1/4"
Length (chassis only)9 5/16"
Length (front heatsink to control knobs)11"
Height2 3/8"
Microphone WiringNON-STANDARD 4-PIN. *IMPORTANT* Do not plug in a standard 4-pin microphone unless it has been modified specifically for this radio.

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John J.
5 months ago
Fantastic radio. Never seen one quite like it. With programming cable you can have 60 channels per band selector. 25.710-31.255 I programed mine. Also changed the default swr protection from 10.1 to3.0 swr. Also set voltage protection. Was disappointed until I got the original anyone programming cable on Amazon for 19.99. The radio made sense after that. You have to write to radio, read radio and then write to radio to lock in frequencies.
Henry J.
1 year ago
There is a lot i like about this radio except one thing. I like radios with backlighting and dark numerials. I always have trouble reading the displays of illuminated numerals against dark backrounds. It is just a bad idea. No matter bright it looks at night time. On a sunny day, all illuminated numerals are washed out by bright sunlight. If this radio's display lighting was reversible or permanently changed to illuminated backround, i am all in. Dark numerals are always easier to read in daytime.
David O. Verified Buyer
1 year ago
Currently the best bang for the buck! You'd be very hard pressed to find a radio that can do all this radio does for the price.
Justin H. Verified Buyer
2 years ago
Great radio. Super fast shipping. The Only negative thing I have to say is that the securing bracket should come with bolts instead those tiny screws.
Eugene T. Verified Buyer
8 years ago
Excellent performance.NONEGreat Radio. Excellent job by tech setting it up. Very fast delivery. I will be a repeat customer .
Eugene T. Verified Buyer
8 years ago
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