Alinco is a trusted source for amateur HAM radios. Complete the look and functionality of your Alinico dual band radio with front control remote kits.

Get connected with HAM users all around the globe with Alinco dual band radios and HF transceivers. Only Alinco gives you the benefit of dual watch and scanning with an SWR meter, option to switch to SSB mode, and much more. Advanced 10-Meter radio users love Alinco and all the benefits the DX-10 and other models offer.

Alinco HAM Transceivers

Alinco DJ500T
Alinco DJ500T Dual Band Radio
Alinco DR735T
Alinco DR-735T Dualband Radio
Alinco EDC-198
Alinco EDC-198 Replacement

Alinco HAM Radio Microphones

Alinco EMS-76
Alinco EMS-76 Replacement Microphone

Alinco Power Cords

Alinco EDC-198
Alinco EDC-198 Replacement