• 3-Pin Power Cord Battery Cable

3-Pin Power Cord Battery Cable for Standard 3-Pin CB and 10 Meter Radios - 18 Feet Long - pre-assembled

Wire your 3-Pin Radio to Your Battery Cobra, Stryker, Ranger, Galaxy and Any Other 3-Pin Radio Direct-to-Battery Power Wire

  • 3-Pin Power Connection
  • 18 Feet Long
  • Includes Fuses
  • Soldered Battery Terminals


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Walcott Radio DXBK3PIN Overview

Direct-to-battery power cable kit for any 3-pin CB or 10 meter radio from Ranger, Connex, General, Galaxy, Cobra, Uniden, Stryker and others. Includes a 3-pin power connection, fuses, quick disconnects, and a battery lugs soldered on. We use a #16 AWG 6 foot 3-pin power cord, and extend the length to 18 total feet with an additional #10 AWG power wire with quick disconnects. As long as your radio uses the standard 3-pin power connection, this cable will allow you to direct wire to your battery.

Walcott Radio DXBK3PIN Specifications

18 Feet Long
Quick Disconnect
#16 AWG Wire for 6 feet, #10 AWG Wire for 14 feet
Battery Lugs soldered on
Fuses and fuse holders included
3-Pin Radio Power Connector installed

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