• 18' Coax w. Removable PL259 and Terminator Stud
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18' Coax w. Removable PL259 and Terminator Stud

  • Perfect Choice for Pickup & Off-Road Installations
  • 18ft CB Coaxial Cable
  • No-Solder Removable PL259 Connector
  • Includes Terminator 3/8x24 Antenna Stud


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104 - Moldable Plastic Coax Seal Tape (Excellent Sealer)
CRM1A Standard 4-Bolt CB Antenna Mirror Bracket (no stud)

Walcott Radio HS818TNKT Overview

18 ft. RG58 Coaxial Cable with Removable PL259 and Terminator Stud
Perfect for Pickup & Off-Road Installations

Coax Installations Just Got Easier!
Introducing a low-profile surface mounted CB coax cable complete with a removable PL259 connector. Many CB antenna installations are mounted in such a way that using a standard PL259 connector on the antenna side is simply not possible. For instance Pickup hood/fender mounts that hang over the fender do not work with a PL259 connector.

This is where the Terminator antenna stud comes in. Using a tight right-angle coax connection with a low-profile antenna stud, the coaxial cable terminator stud will work on even the tightest antenna mount installs.

Walcott Radio HS818TNKT Features

  • Ideal UsageHood/Fender, Stake Pocket, Off-Road, Pickup Truck and Tail-light Mounts
  • WaterproofDual O-Ring Waterproof Design

Walcott Radio HS818TNKT Specifications

  • Length18 Feet
  • Impedance50 ohm
  • ConnectorsRemovable PL-259 for radio connection and built-on Terminator antenna stud
  • Cable TypeRG58

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