10 Meter Radios

10-meter amateur radios are the next step after CB radios. With a technician class license or better, these 10-meter HAM radios for sale will offer superior performance and features.

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Connex CX 4600 Turbo 150+ Watt 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Connex CX4600TURBO

Backordered until Q2, 2020. Consider the General HP40 as an alternative.

  • FREE - 90 Day In-Store Warranty! (except finals)
  • 150+ Watt PeP Output Power
  • Echo and Talkback
  • Variable RF Power
  • Simple, Easy to Use Controls
  • Blue Lights
  • Front Mounted Microphone Jack
  • High Output Power
Interested in getting licensed? Visit ARRL.org for testing, locations on getting your license, online practices tests, and more. We also offer HAM radio license books from Gordon West so you can easily and quickly learn everything you need to know for your amateur radio operators license.