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Slip-Joint SATBK1 Satellite Antenna Disconnect

Slip-Joint SATBK1 Satellite Antenna Disconnect

  • Brand: DX Products
  • Model: SATBK1
  • ID: 868
  • (0 Reviews)
• XM or Sirius Satellite Antenna Quick Disconnect for Slipseat Radio Boxes • Connects To All XM and Sirius Antennas Using A Single Connector
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Quick disconnect designed specifically for slipseat radio boxes, universally connects to any XM or Sirius antenna with a single lead (for older dual lead antennas you simple need two SATBK1's). Easy to attach to slip seater radio box by drilling 1/2" hole. The inside attaches to satellite receiver. The outside connecter plugs into your single lead satellite antenna.

Utilizes a (M) to (F) BNC connector. The (F) BNC connector will get mounted to the slipseat box, the (M) BNC connector plugs into it.
Compatible with all single plug SIRIUS or XM antennas

Drill 1/2" hole in slipseat radio box.
Using the provided nut, securely tighten the female BNC connector through the 1/2" hole, making sure that the connector is protruding outside the box.
Plug the SMB Sat. Radio Connector into the stereo radio inside the slipseat box.
Connect the SMB Sat. Radio Connector into your XM or SIRIUS antenna
Congratulations! You now have an easy and fast way to remove your satellite radio antenna from your slipseat radio box

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Last Modified 12/16/2013

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